Residential New Build

In building new homes we are flexible, affordable and competitive:

  • First homes where price is central and trust is essential

  • Family floor plans for the client with specific, personal needs

  • Retirement homes, or that special residence to represent the lifestyle you can afford


  • Consider a Hotondo Home; diverse house plans for every budget and location (and like us, they’re family owned)

We take care of everything, personally; from your first meeting to handing over the key

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Completed Residential New Build Projects

Terry Hie Hie

11th Sep 2018

... more details

Old Bundarra Road

22nd Mar 2018

... more details

Corella Court

20th Jun 2017

... more details

Bonnie View

23rd Aug 2016

... more details

Buxton Street

20th May 2016

... more details

Harland Drive

27th Feb 2015

... more details

Mather Street

27th Jan 2015

... more details

Mansfield Street

27th Jul 2014

... more details

Bennett Street

27th Jul 2014

... more details